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"We are seeking writers who have a hyper-local, local-international perspective, and are extremely in-tune with the ongoings of their community."

As a BreakingVoices journalist you can distribute your original news stories through our Html5 application which aggregates news stories as shareable links via Twitter, Facebook, Reddit,Google +, etc. Stories are instantly published from Breaking Voices journalists’ desktop, tablet or smartphone using our content management system.

No editor approval required. An example story created by Breaking Voices journalist is http://www.breakingvoic.es/jXtddXPs 

We are currently looking for motivated, journalism students, independent journalists, and bloggers  to craft original neighborhood news stories for BreakingVoices.com.

We are looking for writers connected to their community and aware of the community’s needs and values.

Breaking Voices internship fellows will write news briefs ( short and long form content), and a minimum of one feature (650 to 1200 words) on any area of interest weekly with on location photos and/or videos attached to the article.

The time expectation per internship fellow is 15 hours ( flex time schedule - 5 hours in office learning and 10 hours in neighborhood reporting ) per week.
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"Mayors of London and Chicago Unite to Strengthen Their Tech Ties Between Each City"

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We are seeking journalists who can commit at least 15-18 hours per week (Monday to Friday) throughout a full quarter or semester or summer. Approximately 8 weeks.

Work can be done remotely.

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